Step Up! Program


The Step Up! Program is designed to help promising tech startups grow their business. Considering the competitive environment tech startups face and the lifespan of their solution, the problem is usually rather straightforward: grow or die.

We are here to support sustainable growth. Growing sometimes is a matter of exchanging with professionals to set up a strategy, fix milestones & activate a network.

We know each startup has its specificities and requires a tailored approach. We also know that some framework content is applicable to all startups and that exchanging with peers matters. That is why our program mixes group trainings with individual follow-ups. Our goal is to provide startups with knowledge and advice from market professionals and experts.

Over 7 months, the MIC Brussels supports up to 8 startups on 5 essential topics:

  • Priority management: Set expectations & get started on your strategy to grow. While metrics cannot be set aside, you’ll have to make choices on which priorities.
  • Sales: Accelerate your customer acquisition & revenue in a sustainable way.
  • Growth hacking: Tactics to get quick, scalable and sustainable growth
  • Finance & Fundraising: At some point of your startup journey, you will necessarily need investment to accelerate your growth. This means being ready with a solid financial plan and understanding the peculiarities of the different investment opportunities available for your business.
  • Story telling: Pitching is key to the relationship you will have with your customers and stakeholders. Since not only what you say but also how you say it essential, this module will focus on the art of telling.

Feedback is a gift! The program is paced by two pitches in front of a panel of high-level experts. One at the beginning of the program and one at the end. Constructive and honest feedback will be shared. If you manage to convince one of them to become your mentor, the MIC Brussels is willing to invest in additional coaching to further support you.

Structure? Each thematic will be tackled through a 1:few half a day (~3 hours) session and followed-up by two 1:1 sessions (75 minutes) to ensure it answers your startup’s specific needs. Because priorities matter, the “Priority Management session” will include an additional individual session, hence 3 in total.

When? We are currently preparing the next edition of the StepUp!. Click on the button below to make sure you receive all the information you need right on time!

For whom is this program intended? We are looking to cooperate with talented, energetic & committed founders of startups. Selection will focus on the following points:

  • Tech Startups legally established in the Brussels-Capital Region or intending to establish a branch/office in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • Product market fit achieved
  • Starting to generate revenue without necessarily having achieved a regular one
  • A strong founding team. At least one person should be working full-time on the project

As great supporters of the NextTech Plan, a particular attention will be given to promising startups active in the following fields:

  • IoT
  • VR/AR
  • Big Data & AI
  • Tech for Fin

We are eager to let you benefit from our large network of experts!

Registrations fees: 600€ + VAT. View this as a kind of membership fee: if we see that both commitment & potential are there, we will be more than happy to reinvest this money in additional coaching for your startup.


If you have any question regarding the program, contact us!


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