Internship Program for IT Bachelor students


The objective of the Internship Program is to link developer students in the last year of their Bachelor with startups, PMEs & companies from the Brussels Capital Region eager to welcome a student on a coached project during 15 weeks (February – May 2019). The students spend 3 days a week in the company and 2 days at the MIC where they receive extra coaching from our experts. Our program’s added value is the extra coaching students -and the companies, by proxy- receive on their project. This coaching guarantees a top-notch understanding of the company’s needs, in relation to technical tools (hardware and software), as well as the ideal project management.


What’s so special about the internship?

The extra coaching and the workshops provided by the MIC professional coaches, the selection process & the additional training offered. The format offered is unique: the intern works for a project in a company 3 days a week and spends the 2 other days at the MIC where s/he gets coached by our experts. This professional support and follow-up maximize the interns’ learning results and the companies’ objectives. While at the MIC Brussels, the student not only receives extra help from our coaches on the internship project, but also extra technical training to improve his/her skills. During the program, the student will also have the opportunity to take Microsoft Certifications exams for developers.

Who submits the project?

The startups, PMEs & companies submit the internship project. Its feasibility will be assessed by our coaches.

How are the interns selected?

The interns have to pass a half-day coding test session where they also get to interact with the coaches. Based on preferences expressed by the students and the results of the test, the coaches will do the best matchmaking between the students and the companies’ projects. Both will then have a chance to meet and discuss before validating the internship.

What should I do if I am interested?

If you are an IT student looking for an internship, please register to the test sessions hereabove or contact us at

If you are a startup, PME or company needing extra help on an IT project, please contact us at We’ll take a moment to discuss and explain the conditions and the organization of the Program!


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