Preparation to Microsoft Certification Exams

Do you have a good practice experience and want to get Certified but need to refresh your knowledge before passing your exam?

The MIC Brussels offers workshops to revise and prepare your Microsoft Certifications. Sample exams questions will be discussed to help you check your knowledge and understand the way questions are asked in the exams.

During a day a Coach will offer you a revision of key elements with a set of specific questions and answers.

Please find the usual agenda of a session

  • Module 1: Introduction, and explication: Why should I become certified?
  • Module 2: What the exam consist in, how should I prepare the exam?
  • Module 3: Presentation of the themes of the exam.
  • Module 4: Set of questions & answers with explanations (1 slide per questions, and 4 possibilities of answers)
  • Module 5: Wrap-up, tips and tricks.

The slides of modules 1,2 et 5 are generic to all Certification preparation sessions. Only modules 3 and 4 are specific to the session. 


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