• Step Up! Program starts this 20th April!

    This 7-month program is designed to help up to 8 promising tech startups grow their business. The MIC Brussels offers support through a combination of individual and collective coaching's that will focus on 5 specific topics : Priority Management, Sales, Growth Hacking, Finance & Fundraising and Story Telling.

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  • Women, IT & entrepreneurship #7 – Vanessa Davin

    Vanessa Davin, founder of Pleez Mee (a social platform that allows to pin your next gifts), is a born entrepreneur. While her path went through various fields and structures, she followed her desire to build a platform that mixes technologies and lifestyle.

    Read what Vanessa has to say!
  • HoloLens Hands-on Introduction for Developers – April 21, 2017

    This hands-on introduction session is aimed at developers to teach them about Mixed Reality and the enormous amount of possibilities the HoloLens has to offer for developing applications for the Windows Mixed Reality platform.

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  • What is the Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels?

    The MIC Brussels is a non-profit organisation located at the heart of Europe. It's a private-public partnership between the Brussels Region and private partners like Microsoft whose goal is to sustain the development of the IT sector in the Brussels region with a specific focus on SaaS and Clouds technologies.

    Meet the team!

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What's going on at MIC Brussels

A project based on 5 pillars

  • Raising awareness

    Finding new outreach strategies for effective and innovative ICT among women and young

  • Contacts Network

    Organizing networking opportunities in partnership with key players of the ecosystem

  • Discover & learn

    Activating the understanding of new emerging technologies with a program of workshops & MFST Certifications

  • Innovation

    Creating a positive context for IT Innovation . Share knowledge & facilitate contacts between the key players of the IT in the Region

  • Entrepreneurship

    Aiming to support the creation and development of  Startups in the IT sector

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