• Conférence sur la Transformation Digitale

    La transformation digitale désigne le processus qui permet aux entreprises d’intégrer des technologies digitales au sein de leurs activités. Cela concerne l’entreprise dans son ensemble : les processus opérationnels, l’expérience client et le business model.

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  • What is the Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels?

    The MIC Brussels is a non-profit organisation located at the heart of Europe. It's a private-public partnership between the Brussels Region and private partners like Microsoft whose goal is to sustain the development of the IT sector in the Brussels region with a specific focus on SaaS and Clouds technologies.

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RT @MicrosoftEU: .@UNESCOEU research on #crackingthecode and the gender gap in #STEM education finds that women make up 35% of STEM student…
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Want to join the Boostcamp intensive week? 📈📊🚀Join the next #OneHourChallenge on May 8th and get your place! 👉… https://t.co/CLKFf2pOHn
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A project based on 5 pillars

  • Raising awareness

    Finding new outreach strategies for effective and innovative ICT among women and young

  • Contacts Network

    Organizing networking opportunities in partnership with key players of the ecosystem

  • Discover & learn

    Activating the understanding of new emerging technologies with a program of workshops & MFST Certifications

  • Innovation

    Creating a positive context for IT Innovation . Share knowledge & facilitate contacts between the key players of the IT in the Region

  • Entrepreneurship

    Aiming to support the creation and development of  Startups in the IT sector

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