The Boostcamp is designed for early-stage entrepreneurs from the ICT sector and is composed of 3 stages. Our aim is to provide these early-stage startups with the necessary tools, mentorship & network that will help them move from idea to a validated business model.

Depending on your project’s maturity, you will start at stage 1 or 2. This allows you to go at your own pace & become investment-ready. Therefore, whether you are at the idea-stage or already know the essentials of entrepreneurship, we’ve got something for you!

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Amplitude +

We associated with ICAB Incubator to design an 18-month long program specifically tailored to help tech startups grow and reach scaleups levels. The goal is to help you succeed by offering you the best in class coaches, individual milestone-based coaching and access to high level networks and exposure to VC.

Learn more about the Amplitude+ program here!

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