Entrepreneurship Online Course

Entrepreunership Online Course

“Vision Without Execution Is Just Hallucination”

– Thomas Edison 

From idea to investment!

Our Entrepreneurship Online Course (MOOC) will show you how to turn your idea into reality. 

It is no secret that building a startup is not an easy task. Success will be linked to several factors like product-market fit, team, sales, funding and of courspassion. 

The MIC Brussels has been collaborating since 2011 with entrepreneurs and startups to help them assess their projects and successfully grow. 

This new MOOC is designed for early-stage entrepreneurs. It allows you to go at your own pace & become investment-ready 

Once you’ve completed it and mastered the essentials of entrepreneurship, we’ll be happy to exchange with you on your business during a one-hour discussion. 

Our objective is to help you move from idea to a validated business model. 

If you happen to be a startup already in its growth phase, check out Amplitude+, the acceleration program built in partnership with ICAB. 

From the idea to the business

MOOC – Assess and develop your project 

You have a project & don’t know where to start? You are wondering what value proposition & business model canvas mean? Have you applied the lean approach? These are some of the points that will be tackled through this Entrepreneurship Online Course in English created by our partner Pi4Mgt.  

After having completed the MOOC, you will have acquired the fundamental tools to start your business. Step by step, it will also lead you to put together the basis of a financing file. 

If you intend to be active in Brussels, we are happy to provide you with a free voucher to give you access to this meaningful MOOC. Just drop us an email at info@mic-brussels.be. or get your voucher through the OMNI pass offered by My Business Pass Brussels. Check out this website that also gives you access to different tools essential for your new business. You’ll also receive updates with the latest events and initiatives for your business! 


ONE HOUR CHALLENGE – Let’s discuss your project 

If you have already been through the essentials of entrepreneurship (through the MOOC or simply through your experience & knowledge), the next step is to pitch your project & get feedback from an expert during a one-hour meeting. Yes, one hour as wwant to get to know you! 

We’ve teamed up with LeanSquare for the One Hour Challenges they organize in Brussels. You will be challenged on your project & receive valuable advice. Click here to sign up and don’t forget to mention you are coming through the MIC Brussels! 

NB: You can fill in the template in FR/ENG/NL. The ideal is to pitch in English. 

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