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On March 26, 2020 at 13:30
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Sales Webinar


3 webinar sessions, 12 secrets.

Learn how to succeed in sales!


Philippe Szombat, founder of BrightBiz (company specialized in sales training, coaching and sales recruitment), will share his secrets on how to hire the best sales people, fill in your agenda with qualitative prospects meeting and sales negotiation.

Join our free webinar to learn how to succeed in sales. You’ll discover new secrets in each session.



1. The 4 secrets to hire the best sales people

Hiring someone is not an easy task. But hiring a good sales person is even more challenging!

He will give some secrets along with funny anecdotes on: how to prepare for an interview with a sales candidate, how to run an interview process the best way possible, how to make a follow-up that keeps you on track and how to make a successful and important on-boarding, and much more!

2. The 4 secrets to fill in your agenda with qualitative prospect meetings

The growth of a company resides in 2 key elements: keeping the existing clients and acquiring new clients.

You’ll discover 4 secrets in order to fill in your agenda with qualitative prospects meeting and boost your business.

He will give you concrete tips and advice on: how to best organize yourself, what is the best attitude to get confidence of your client, how is the best organize your activity and what key techniques you can use to pass the gatekeeper and get an appointment with the decision maker. You will get some funny anecdotes. Philippe will run the show!

3. The 4 secrets in sales negotiations

Negotiation with clients or prospects is never easy.

We’ll help you to make it easier, by giving you key principles and key techniques in sales negotiation.

He will give some secrets on: how to better connect with your prospects, how to create strong basements of a business relationship, how to analyse the needs of your clients, how to present your solutions with impact, how to put your deal in a strong position and how to better negotiate in the interest of yours and your clients.


Take 1 hour of your time to join one of the sessions.

Or complete the full webinar to become a master in sales!



Each session lasts 1 hour, from 13:30 to 14:30.

12/03 Session 1: Hire the best sales people

19/03 Session 2: Fill in your agenda with prospect meetings

26/03 Session 3: Sales negotiations

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