Have you ever thought about how your life would be like if you one day experienced mobility problems? Do you think you would still be able to travel as you were doing before? What happens when you have a mobility issue but travelling is your passion?


Our former Boostcamp 10 finalist and winner of the Experts’ Prize, Alexandre Bodart Pinto, has been experiencing mobility problems since the age of 16. His passion has always been to travel the world and learn from those journeys. It made him realize there are many PRM (person with reduced mobility) – which covers a wider percentage of the population such as elderly people and pregnant women, for example – as well as how difficult it is to organize a trip with trustable information for people with mobility issues.

This led him to create “Everybody Travel”, a platform that mixes the best of Airbnb, Booking.com, Tripadvisor and Expedia, but is dedicated to PRM. He created this company last February, after attending our 10th Boostcamp Program.

He recently launched his MVP, a website where people can fill in the form with information such as the mobility issue they face and the type of holidays they are looking for. With his wide travel experience, Alexandre is able to give the best travel options and help them organize a great trip and have the best experience possible.


What’s next?

After a first successful Facebook advertisement campaign, Alexandre intends to focus on his Market Test. He aims at analyzing the results and see what the market really wants. He expects to finalise it by October, before starting his fundraising campaign.

Alexandre’s vision is clear: there is a demand for “Everybody Travel” in the market right now. He is currently looking to partner with big hotel groups to offer more travel options, a variety of hotels, destinations and activities around the world.

Any fundraising plan?

He is looking into several ways to fundraise: a crowdfunding campaign, a bank loan and a potential subsidy from the Government. However, the key for Alexandre is to convince private investors from his network and past entrepreneurial experiences (Alexandre notably owns VIP Belgium).

About the Boostcamp experience

Although he has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years, Alexandre needed support with launching a business in the web industry. The Boostcamp really helped and taught him things he should pay attention to, mistakes he should avoid when preparing a project, how to fundraise correctly, etc.

Any tip for other entrepreneurs?

Alexandre says: “Many entrepreneurs stop their projects when they feel it is too complicated or when they see difficulties, but being entrepreneur is all about difficulties and facing daily problems. I would encourage entrepreneurs to work for their dreams and projects and not to give up. It is difficult, but you have to be strong and be able to handle the unexpected problems. It is a daily work where you have to improve yourself and learn from your mistakes. The ones who work the most and the ones the most motivated will succeed.”

If you had a magic wand and could ask for anything to improve your startup, what would you wish?

“I would want to meet the right people, those who will trust me. It is frustrating to see that me and other business people know the idea is good and there is a potential, but that money is always the problem. I would like to meet a Business Angel who trusts me, my idea and who he has the potential to make the project work.”