When you want to create your own business or have just done so, there is a moment in your journey when you need to stop and ask for somebody else’s advice and guidance. Family and friends are normally the first options but it’s always recommendable to count on an expert voice. 

If your startup is IT related and based in Brussels,  you are lucky! The Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels can help you refine your idea and propel your project forward.  

The MIC’s Boostcamp Program helps early stage entrepreneurs boost their project and continue their journey in the right direction. The One Hour Challenge, organized in partnership with Lean Square, is the second stage of the Boostcamp. It is designed for those who already know the business fundamentals by experience, knowledge or because they took the Entrepreneurship-Essentials MOOC. 

Woman pitching in front of other people

How does it work 

The format is simple: each project is introduced by the participant and discussed with the MIC Brussels’ & Lean Square’s experts in one-hour meetings. They give their feedback on the pitch, challenge it and guide the entrepreneur on the next steps to take. If the project is mature enough, ready for coaching & includes interesting business challenges, the participant will be invited to the Boostcamp Intensive Week, the last stage of the program.  

Why take part? 

Réginald de Wassaige is the founder of Binderz, a B2B startup that helps companies “notarize” their digital documents using blockchain technology. He decided to take part in the OHC to challenge his project with experienced coaches and try to win a spot for the Boostcamp Intensive Week

After participating in the One Hour Challenge, Réginald was invited to the Boostcamp Intensive Week. Right now, the demo of Binderz is running and is already been used for client prospect. 



When Elodie Bouscarat and Karl Magnus came to the One Hour Challenge, they were already advanced in the development of their project: Cookwork, the Airbnb for professional cooks. Cookwork allows chefs who don’t own a professional kitchen to rent it from others who want to make their investment profitable with all the guarantees.  

Initially, Elodie wasn’t confident that Cookwork would be selected for the Boostcamp Intensive Week, but they managed to convince the One Hour Challenge experts and moved to the next stage. Five months later, Cookwork found an investor! The platform is now online and they are currently testing the product market fit and traction. 



Delphine De Wulf joined the One Hour Challenge with the clear goal of being selected for the Boostcamp Intensive Week. She is the founder of Wixly, a business matchmaking platform for Belgium and Luxemburg that puts in touch entrepreneurs with potential co-founders, investors, and mentors. 

She also recommends it to all entrepreneurs. “The One Hour Challenge gave me the opportunity to challenge my project by having expert’s feedback, I got new ideas and advice that helped me find the way”, says Delphine. Her platform, Wixly, was recently launched and all the entrepreneurs in Belgium and Luxembourg can benefit from it.  


If you want to challenge your project, receive feedback and guidance, and have the opportunity to participate in the Boostcamp Intensive Week, register for the next pitching session in Brussels at www.onehourchallenge.be or send us an email at info@mic-brussels.be