The idea behind PANORA.ME is to enable tourist attraction owners to turn their visitors into ambassadors and maximize their impact on social platforms. How? By providing visitors the kind of selfies that they could not do by themselves. We help our clients to magnify their place and leverage peer-to-peer recommendations in a natural way.   

Our solution consists of a smartphone app connected to a proprietary superzoom photographic technology.  When the visitor takes his selfie from the dedicated zone, he instantly receives a breathtaking zoom-out video in which the scenery is 100% visible.

We target various markets in the tourism & entertainment industry: large music and sport event organizers, tourism offices, monuments, museums, theme parks, cruise companies, hotels & resorts.  

We launched the PANORA.ME project at the end of 2015, with Antoine and myself. Antoine has a Ph.D. in Computer Science. We have known each other from our time together at Eventattitude, my former company. I had hired him a few years ago and then he went freelance but with regular jobs for us at Eventattitude.

Eventattitude is a company active in the event communication and brand activation sector (+/- 3.5M€ turnover).  Over the years, I had managed to position Eventattitude as the leader in Belgium for interactive photo, video, and game installations and made it grow to a 30 employees company with major clients such as ING, National Lottery, D’Ieteren, BMW group, Moët Hennessy or Nestlé Waters.  But after 15 years in this business, I decided it was time to quit and tackle a new challenge. In the beginning, it was not easy to share my time between my former company (and the handover to my partners) and this new project. But then, I came across an article about the Boostcamp program and I decided to join.

For me, it was the ideal way to move forward. The rhythm (1 session per week) was perfect to learn things and apply it the following days. The coaching by Ben Piquard was very helpful too.  Thanks to him and all the intervenes in the program, our project evolved and every piece of the puzzle came in the right place.

In the end, we won the Brussels-Capital Region Prize and it was a nice end to the story, especially because in the meanwhile we had signed our very first campaign with the City of Brussels.


Less than 2 months later, we launched the #brusselsandme campaign and it has been a huge success…

My advice for other startups:

  • Focus on your project. 100% is not enough.
  • Go out to talk to your future clients even if your product/solution consists of 10 slides.
  • Do, do, do: nothing will happen by magic.
  • Your only risk is to fail and learn something.


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