The MIC Brussels is proud to support Anne Sophie Lecointre and Charlotte Neuburger,  the two co-founders of Pixy at their beta user launch party as part of the Women Code Festival on the 11th of October.

Pixy is a familial collaborative app for which they won the Brussels Region Capital prize in May at our Boostcamp! They have been working hard to create their beta version, where they will select 30 to  40 families to work with for up to 3 months in order to get direct feedback from these users before launching the app to the public.

The only requirements to become a beta tester family and co-create with the Pixy team, is that you are motivated to take part in this project for the next 3 months with feedback along the way and that one of your children is at least 7 years old so that they can read and properly use the app. All beta user families will benefit from free use of Pixy for life! 

If you are interested in being selected to participate, sign up here

Find out more about Pixy in this interview! 

Additional information about Pixy from the interview:


When did you really start working on Pixy?

We didn’t genuinely believe that we could do it, but we have two friends that really pushed us to move forward in trying to realize the idea. Therefore, in February we began to work on Pixy full time. They pushed us to try to bring the app to the real life, because they truly believed that it was a good idea.

What’s in it for Pixy beta tester families? 

The idea of collaboration is a value that you want to pass on to your kids and we think this application is a real platform for collaboration and teaches your kids how to collaborate in any place and first in your family. Plus, all beta user families will benefit from free use of Pixy for life! 

You are counting on the advice of experts to build your app, but you also value feedback from the families’. How do you plan to find the right balance between the different points of view?

We built an expert committee where we have, psychologists, people in collective intelligence, as well as in nudge, to really understand how games can provoke positive behavior. The experts are not at the beginning of the story, they are really at the end. They help us to step back once we build the application with our families. They validate our intuitions and our intuitions must also be validated by the families. So, it’s a process between us, the families and the experts. We really want the users to be at the center and the experts to come after with their view and skills to help us to step back.

The balance of family and work life is one of the main obstacles that women entrepreneurs regularly face. How do you deal with it and how do you think Pixy can help?

Pixy helped us learn how we should talk to our kids, organize and how to think about things differently, learn to step back and not to be control on everything. You do not fully realize what you do every day to try to get everything done. It’s like a fight, you try to do everything, but you cannot do everything. We realized many things working on this project. We hope that the application can do the same for families, as it did for us. 

What would you say is your biggest challenge today?

I think the biggest challenge will be to succeed our pilot! For the next few months, we will be working with early user families, to build this version and the next steps. The goal is to succeed it! Do the families use the application? How much time do they spend in the application? Is it useful? We have already tested it a bit, so we know that it can work. The next challenge will be to finance these next steps and raise money to do so


Check out Pixy’s platform now and download the app to

make your family life more fun and easy!