Every day of our life, we come across ideas of things we would love to buy or experience (nice rock concert, dream holiday places, decoration ideas for our home, cool watches, etc..), but often, we’re busy doing something else, it’s not the right moment, we don’t have the money … and we let the idea fly!

We all have busy lives and want to make the best of it, so in the infinite flow of information we process every day, how can we capture our likings, and turn these opportunities to reality when they too often escape from us?

How can we step into people’s mind to find out which present will thrill them?

This is what PleezMee is about! PleezMee is the first “all-in-one” app to achieve your wishes and please the people you love. For corporates, PleezMee is a unique lead generator and customer profiling tool.

How does it work?

As I come across great findings in real life or on the WEB, PleezMee gives me a complete set of tools to one-clic capture them.

Plan actions, set budgets, fix an agenda, share opinions, draw inspiration from my peers … and all other actions needed to achieve my projects is made easy in PleezMee.

Based on my wishlist, PleezMee finds the best proposals to meet my expectations. Ideas for great presents? Let share your list with me and I will treat you well!

The idea of PleezMee started growing in Vanessa Davin’s mind six months ago, and the MIC Boostcamp gave it a big push.

Coaches and experts come along the whole program to challenge your idea and bring it to the next level.

During the Boostcamp, the value proposition and business models have been validated with users and corporates. PleezMee won the Expert prize at the Boostcamp final.

Many efforts have been put on branding and communication (building Facebook community), and a first prototype will be available in March.

Now it’s time to strengthen the team!

PleezMee is looking for IT and digital marketing partners. If you’re interested, check our web site and contact us!

Our recommendations to people who want to launch a startup?

Go talk to your customers, share your idea and collect feedback. An idea is nothing; it’s how you execute it that matters!

Take care of the five fundamental aspects of your project and keep them aligned:

  1. TEAM – find the right competences needed to execute.
  2. CUSTOMER – find the first early adopters that will accept your learning mistakes, treat them like kings and learn from them.
  3. BUSINESS MODEL – understand the mechanic of how to make money.
  4. PAIN – if you address a need that does not exist, you’re better off doing something else.
  5. FUNDING – find the money at the right time – not to late – not too early.