The MIC offers unique internship programme to boost the development of innovative projects

A Proof of Concept (PoC) is the way to determine the feasibility of an idea or to demonstrate its practical potential. In other words, it helps businesses link their creativity to the real world and by thinking in terms of the end user, discovering ways to adapt and strengthen a concept. The MIC knows and understands the importance and value of high-quality PoC’s. For seven years and counting, the MIC organises the prototyping internship programme which links IT students and companies with IT projects looking to develop a prototype.

A successful prototype development has a number of hurdles to overcome, for example it’s not always easy to find the time to develop them. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes to see projects from a different or external perspective can work wonders. Interns for example can be excellent candidates for the job. This is where the MIC, as a catalyst between upcoming IT talent and Brussels tech companies provides a number of well thought out projects and a structured approach. The MIC prototyping internship program acts as an innovation lab companies can experiment with, supporting creative thinking and innovative projects.

Launching careers

IT students in their third year are on the brink of starting their professional careers. They’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge but often lack opportunities to put their skills to the test in innovative situations. Establishing a business network proves to be a difficult task as well. Naturally, companies taking on interns is not a new phenomenon but engaging one or more full time whilst running a business cannot be underestimated in terms of time investment. During the MIC internship programme, interns spend three days at the company and two days at the MIC where they receive coaching and workshops to hone their skills, balancing the time investment and the support needs of the students.

A good match is everything

Hiring the right intern for the job is another challenge. It takes time and effort to ensure the right match has been found. To eliminate this process and ease the burden on companies, the MIC Brussels internship programme provides all preliminary work in the selection, testing and matching the right student with the right company or project. In the six past editions of the programme, not a single intern started a task without explicit approval of both the intern and the company. The two parties are sure to have familiarised with one another to create a solid foundation for a productive cooperation.

Making a difference for the Region

Developing PoC’s that impact a broad target audience speaks to the imagination of a lot of students. As consciousness on societal challenges as overpopulation, climate change, mobility and many more rises, the urge to use skills and knowledge in tackling these issues rises with it. Although companies are free to put forward a project on any subject, the MIC Brussels decided to focus on two main subjects: Smart Cities and Smart Health. The goal is to have as many projects on this area as possible as they are priorities for the Brussels Region. Close collaboration with the university colleges and adult education bodies gives students real opportunities to work on innovative projects using the latest technologies such as the internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence.

MIC with the Brussels Region

A streamlined process

For companies wanting to bring their IT project to the next level with a PoC, the MIC Brussels employs its expertise in offering a well thought out internship programme aimed to boost the tech sector in the Brussels Region. During the four-month internship programme the company benefits from the general guidance the MIC provides through its pool of coaches and how efficiently they are linked to the right interns. At the same time, students get to kick-start their careers, meet interesting people, undergo serious training and contribute to a project that may meaningfully impact society.

Want to learn more on the topics?

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Registered companies near or in Brussels and with a project that needs a boost, don’t hesitate to submit your project before 22 September by filling in this form! For any question regarding participation and financial terms, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Student looking for an internship from February to May, please check our Test Sessions to know when and how the selection process is going to take place:

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