As an e-commerce entrepreneur from Montreal, I am working with the Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels for the next three months. Every week, I give you my take on the tech and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Brussels. I hope this will encourage a knowledge swap between the two cities will foster future collaborations and innovation.

A month and a half ago, we launched the 12th edition of the Boostcamp. This program aims to support early stage entrepreneurs who are looking to turn their idea into a feasible business.  For this edition, we welcomed thirteen projects and here is what happened in a nutshell:

After seven fruitful weeks, eleven teams worked up the courage to give their first presentation in front of a jury. Using the tools provided throughout the Boostcamp, they explained the pain they were solving and what made their project truly unique and viable. Their pitch was followed by a series of questions by the judges who then evaluated them based on their idea, execution plan and expectations for the weeks to come. After much deliberation, eight teams were selected to move on to the second phase of the program. Here is a sneak peak of the semi-final winning teams:



Digital Building Blocks

Real Estate



The Mighty Matrix Machine



Nongovernmental organizations




Human Resources

Legal Forecasting 

Legal sector




What’s next?

The other half of the Boostcamp will provide the participants with one-on-one coaching sessions and even more workshops in preparation for Final which will take place on January 23rd 2017!

Stay tuned for updates via our Twitter and Facebook.

A special thanks to Charline Van Hoeck, Valérie Verstraeten (Loyens & Loeff), Kris Thésin, David Azaerts (Impulse) and Barbara Roose (SRIB) who offered their time and expertise to the Boostcampers.