Last June, SolVR won the Brussels Capital Region Prize at the Boostcamp Final. If solving complex concepts in physics, maths and chemistry in the classical way has always been a struggle for you with late nights trying to give a sense to all those strange numbers, SolVR will appeal to you! This solution makes you understand scientific matters through Virtual Reality (VR) and gaming.



Cyprien De Barros is both a student at Solvay and the founder of SolVR. The idea of SolVR came when he experienced some difficulties in concretely mastering complex models at the university. He was looking for an interactive way to learn; as he didn’t find any, he decided to design one! Other team mates came on board and together they created Sol VR, an interactive way for students to work and learn in a user-friendly 3D environment.

Their teacher at Solvay was very supportive of their project and of its potential to help the students to succeed at university. He therefore offered them an office to work on their project: the provision of this space was the real kick off to transform the idea into a project.

At the University, Cyprien met with the President of the Solvay’s Entrepreneurs Club, Hugo Godfroid, who encouraged him to attend the Boostcamp Program at the MIC to further develop his project and give it a boost!



Before the Boostcamp I didnt know how to create a Startup. We had a strong team, good ideas, but as a leader, I didnt know how to manage the people, says Cyprien.

The Boostcamp forced him to act and gave him the opportunity to meet different coaches, such as Ben Piquard or Roald Sieberath. The sessions enabled him to talk about his ideas and challenges with experts. It also helped him overcome the doubts and confront his project with people who have experience with startups.

Cyprien especially liked the way the lead coach challenged him and put him out of his comfort zone to make him think out of the box: this approach clearly helped the team to face different problems and made them think as entrepreneurs, and not as developers. It ultimately allowed them to have a vision, which they didn’t have before the Boostcamp.

Cyprien loved the Final where startups pitch their project in front of a panel of experts: Everybody was happy to be there. We were feeling ready to pitch and finally mastering our project. Thanks to the Boostcamp, now I know everything about my project, in every aspect, so I feel ready and confident to pitch it”.



Almost 2 months have passed since the Final and SolVR already had the opportunity to showcase their prototype at Les Ardentes Festival.

The team is currently finalizing their MVP and aim to have a solution in VR and MR (Mixed Reality). They wish to create a committee of experts in physics, chemistry and maths who will act as reference for the content displayed by SolVR.

Wish to know more? Check out their webpage or contact Cyprien: