One of our ambitions at the MIC Brussels is to empower girls and women in entrepreneurship and IT. During the next weeks, through the series of portraits “Women, IT & Entrepreneurship”, we will bring in the spotlight inspiring key-actresses of these worlds. We are dedicated to have more women take the step and become successful IT entrepreneurs! 


Vanessa Davin: Tech & Lifestyle

Vanessa Davin, founder of Pleez Mee (a social platform that allows to pin your next gifts and purchase projects), is a born entrepreneur. While her path went through various fields and structures, she followed her desire to build a platform that mixes technologies and lifestyle. Vanessa took part in the MIC Boostcamp, our program for early-stage entrepreneurs, where she was awarded the Experts Prize in December 2015. 


“I needed challenges”

After law studies, she moved to London to work in finances, followed by other similar experiences in Paris. “I realized I didn’t like big companies because of their organisation and their power relationships.” After pursuing an MBA, she drastically switches to another professional environment and, back in Belgium, targets smaller high-value-added enterprises. “I needed challenges and these places allow you to learn more.” 


Vanessa, business woman

“I remember, when I was younger, my mother found in my room a small box with various papers and on one of them there was “Vanessa, business woman” she explains. “I have always wanted to create my own business and the road that led me to this adventure helped me learn many things.” Vanessa admits some choices were influenced by her social environment and by the will to quickly earn a leaving. At the same time, it allowed her to discover what she likes. “While my studies were not tech-oriented at all, I developed a strong curiosity for high technologies when I worked in finances.” 


Confronting fears and other difficulties 

Pleez Mee is almost ready to welcome its first users. While she enjoyed many parts of entrepreneurship, she confesses there are always some difficulties. She adds that recruiting is a laborious task, especially when it comes to hire developers. Finally, one big step that any entrepreneur has to take is “confronting fears” like being on your own, struggling with uncertainties and keep the energy going. 


Experiences and passions, a working fusion

While the challenges are constant in her entrepreneurial adventure, Vanessa Davin stays on course and gathers her experiences and passions to make this platform a success. Curious and determined, we cannot wait to follow the next steps of our alumni!