Boostcamp Program

This program takes place twice a year and consists of a series of hands-on practical workshops in key areas of knowledge for starting entrepreneurs (Business Model, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Practical Aspects). It also includes sparring sessions with experts from diverse backgrounds. Eight startups get the opportunity to continue the program after the Semifinal and therefore have a chance to win the final.


You’re interested in the Program and want to attend to the next edition? Just ask for us to keep you in the loop or register directly through our Eventbrite page!




Why should I join the Boostcamp?

Entrepreneurship is a profession in its own right. To be successful, you need to learn a lot of very fundamental things you might not even be aware of today.

This intensive program will give you a crash course in these fundamentals of entrepreneurship. It will guide you step by step and help you make quick progress on your project – if it hasn’t progressed in a while, we’ll definitely help you move forward.

Most importantly, we focus on practice more than on theory. You will then try all of the things we’ll be talking about and you’ll have fantastic opportunities to meet and discuss your project with inspiring people such as experts, experienced entrepreneurs and potential investors. You’ll get priceless, personalized, in-depth feedback from them as well as the opportunity to enter the Brussels’ startups ecosystem.

By the way, thanks to our partnership with Innoviris, we offer the Boostcamp’s winning project a 3.000€ check to allow further investments and development!


Who can join the Boostcamp Program?

Provided that its participants are committed to the Program and willing to be boosted, any technology startup in the Brussels region (or intending to establish a business in the Brussels region) can qualify for the Boostcamp.

The program is designed for entrepreneurs who have just built the prototype of their product or are still wondering how to start their business. We can also help young companies that have just been launched but are still struggling to find a working business model and generate their first revenues.


Agenda – Boostcamp 11

Here is the schedule that was established previous Boostcamp (11th edition). You can then have a more precise idea of what to expect from this Program. After the Semifinal, the 8 remaining startups are divided into 2 groups (A & B), so that they get more attention and better individual feedback during dedicated 90 minute sessions.

Thu 19/01/2017

KICK OFF – Ben Piquard & Roald Sieberath

Tue 7/02/2017

Value proposition canvas + Business model canvas –

Frédéric Ooms & Ben Piquard

Tue 14/02/2017

Customer transition – Ben Piquard

Tue 21/02/2017

Funding & PXL Carton de Bière – Ben Piquard

Tue 7/03/2017

Talking to an Investor & Pitch – Roald Sieberath

Wed 15/03/2017

Toolbox to create your company – 

Kris Thésin, Evelina Roegiers, Valérie Verstraeten, David AzaertsSarah Unger

Tue 21/03/2017


1pm to 5pm

Mo 27/03/2017

Coaching 1A – Ben Piquard

Tue 28/03/2017

Coaching 1B – Ben Piquard

Tue 18/04/2017

Marketing Canvas & Essential tools for Sales –

Laurent Bouty & Ben Piquard

Tue 25/04/2017

Coaching 2A – Ben Piquard

Thu 27/04/2017

Digital Marketing – Aurélie Couvreur

Tue 2/05/2017

Coaching  2B – Ben Piquard

Tue 9/05/2017

Coaching 3A – Ben Piquard

Thu 11/05/2017

Finance – Martin Van Wunnik, Rudolphe d’Udekem d’Acoz & Jean-Luc Surquin

Tue 16/05/2017

Coaching 3B – Ben Piquard

Thu 18/05/2017

Experts day

Mo 22/05/2017

Media & Story telling – Christophe Charlot & Thierry Croix

Th 1/06/2017

Coaching 4A – Ben Piquard

Fr 2/06/2017

Coaching 4B – Ben Piquard

Tue  6/06/2017

Public & Investor Pitch – Ben Piquard

Tue 13/06/2017

Rehearsal – Ben Piquard

9am to 1pm

Thu 15/06/2017

Boostcamp #11 Final & Award Ceremony

5.30pm to 10pm


Unless otherwise mentioned, all workshops take place from 9 am to 5 pm

at the MIC Brussels’ offices – Rue Montoyer 51, 1000 BRUSSELS.


Registration fees

You can join the Boostcamp for only 500€ per team (excluding VAT). All startups will be able to participate until the first semi-final. After the semi-final, 8 startups will get the opportunity to continue the adventure. This enables us to provide optimal and tailored coaching.

  • In case you are a team of students, you will benefit of a special student rate of 200€ (excluding VAT).
  • If needed, registration fees can be split in two separate payments!
  • If you create your company in Brussels before the Boostcamp is finished, the registration fees will be refunded.


If you want to subscribe to the 12th Boostcamp, don’t hesitate to register here!

If you have any question regarding the program or its organization, please send us an email!



The Boostcamp 10 Kick-Off took place on the 5th of September 2016.

Click the image below to watch the video!


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