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Our 12th Boostcamp Program, which started on October 3, is already coming to its end! Indeed, next January 23 will be the day of the Final! It’s a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs to showcase the work they’ve done since the beginning of the program and a good way for you to meet new interesting people and projects. Moreover, for this edition, we are glad to announce that we partnered with Hoolders, a co-funding platform. The Final, in January, will include a fundraising event live – the perfect opportunity to raise interest and money among potential investors! Check the list of the participating startups here!

We are currently busy cooking a brand new format for next the Boostcamp edition! The content, timing and overall structure are being rethought based on former Boostcampers’ feedback. The goal is to better match the Boostcampers’ expectations and make the Program even more accessible than it was before! Stay tuned by sending us an email through the button below to make sure we contact you by the end of January!

What is the Boostcamp?

The Boostcamp takes place twice a year and consists of a series of hands-on practical workshops in key areas of knowledge for supporting early stage entrepreneurs.

If you’ve been thinking about developing your own project for a while, or if you’re willing to become an entrepreneur but don’t quite know where to start, the Boostcamp is the Program you’ll need!

entrepreneurship is a profession in its own right. To be successful, you need to learn a lot of very fundamental things you might not even be aware of today. This is why we are focusing on practice and sessions focused on your project to help you progress quickly.


Who can join the Boostcamp?

Provided that its participants are committed to the Program and willing to be boosted, any technology startup in the Brussels region (or intending to establish a business in the Brussels region) can qualify for the Boostcamp.

The program is designed for entrepreneurs who have just built the prototype of their product or are still wondering how to start their business. We can also help young companies that have just been launched but are still struggling to find a working business model and generate their first revenues.


Check out here the video we made for the 11th Edition and hear what the former Boostcampers had to say to get a better idea of how you can benefit from the Program!


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